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We Are Stedje Camping

Welcome to Stedje Camping, your gateway to the breathtaking nature of Sogndal! Located just outside the city center, our campsite offers the perfect blend of convenience and tranquility. A mere 10-minute stroll will lead you into the heart of Sogndal, while the soothing embrace of the fjord and the majestic mountain backdrop create a picturesque setting for your camping adventure. The camping site is self-service, and we conduct rounds in the evening to ensure that everyone has payed. Payment can be done online using Vipps or PayPal. Check out is at 12 the following day.

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Welcome to Stedje Camping, the most centrally located campsite in Sogndal. Easily pay with Vipps (for Norwegian guests) or PayPal (for international visitors) upon arrival. It is not possible to reserve a spot in advance. Please note that we do not offer cabin rentals; instead, we provide camping spots tailored for tents, caravans, and camper vans. Our recently installed power pillars ensure a safe connection to electricity, and the clean sanitation facilities guarantee comfort during your stay. Please be aware that the sanitation facilities and showers are of old age, but functions well. A 10-kroner coin is required for the shower.


We offer camping spaces for caravans and tents. Unfortunately, we do not have cabin or apartment rentals. Please note that at Stedje Camping, we operate on a "first-come, first-served" basis, and it is not possible to make reservations in advance.

The payment process at our campsite is simple and hassle-free. Norwegian guests can use Vipps, while others can choose to pay with PayPal. Select a spot you like and pay quickly and easily through the website or by using the Vipps code. Please include the vehicle's registration number during payment to facilitate easy verification of payments.

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Lerum Cup 2024

Vi er dessverre fullbooket.

Send e-post til for å reservere plass under årets cup camp. Det er ikke mulig å reservere plass gjennom denne nettsiden.

Vennligst betal først når dere ankommer campingen, da dette gjør det enklere for oss å opprettholde kontroll over hvem som har ankommet.

Prisene under årets cup blir 450kr pr. natt med strøm og 370kr uten. Man må betale for hele helgen uavhengig av ankomst og avreise.

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